My Life is in a Video Game


*prays to the Maker*

O Merciful Maker, please grant extra content to the gay/bi romance options

Let your light shine upon a consistently used lady protagonist in the marketing advertisements

And send your beloved Andraste to smite and silence the whiny hetero manbabies who cannot deal with a solid sodding ounce of equality and representation for all gamers.

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Thank you videogames and everyone who creates them (x)

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Error correction!

DragonAge2/Fenris gif anime

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"How did you survive a blast thousands died in?"

"I don’t know, probably Flemeth"

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"You’ve gotta get out of here."

"And you’ve gotta be kidding me."

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First inquisitor will be…

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Qunari, ElfDwarf

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tags: + I will have all races on different playthroughs + but my main inquisitor will be human


Having legitimate crushes on a fictional character


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